Things You Should Do When Guests Come Over For Long Term Stay

Things You Should Do When Guests Come Over For Long Term Stay

One has to do a lot of prepping when they have guests coming over and especially if they are planning on staying for a long term. Here are few things you should do beforehand:

A proper cleaning session

Before guests come we often clean our house really well. However, when they come for a long term stay you will have to spend more time cleaning for example you will have to clean the cupboards and make space for them so they could keep their clothes. If you have any items on top of the cupboard you will have to clear it and keep it in the store room. Their room has to be on point before they arrive. However, since they are going to be living with you for some time, you could still have a proper cleaning session every week to keep the house insect free. Also you should do a good pest control before they come. This is because it takes one whole day and you cannot be at home while the work is in process and this could disturb their routine. So make sure you get this done before they come. Also if your house is fully carpeted make sure you clean it thoroughly before they arrive as you might not be able to do it after that.

Get rid of those bugs

Most of the houses have unwanted bugs in areas like kitchen and bathroom. This may not look good when you have guests coming over and there could be chances of them being afraid of these creepy creatures especially rats. So you need to take measures for rat control Liverpool for example you could buy couple of mouse traps and try to get rid of them. However, you should warn your guests about this because there are chances of them walking over it and trapping their leg.

Keep your patience level high

It can be a bit difficult when other people are messing your house especially if you have a cleaning obsession. However, it is important to maintain your patience and to be a good host to them. Don’t keep too many rules for example some people have strict policy of not eating on bed, don’t apply these on your guests. Let them be comfortable and do whatever they want and you could probably have another cleaning session once they leave.

Lastly, keep your fridge stocked. This could be expensive if the time period of their stay is long but it is very important. If you make them comfortable and make them feel home, then they are likely to return the favour if you visit their place some time!

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